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pic001Pre-insulated Pipe Systems provide a safe and efficient method of transporting media while minimizing heat loss or gain.The Pre-insulated Pipe Systems offers an energy efficient solution for a wide range of industrial,commercial and domestic applications.

Pre-insulated Pipe Systems cosist of internal service pipes,factory insulated with a rigid polyurethane foam.The foam insulation is protected externally by an impervious and abuse resitant,high density polyethylene casing.This tough outer casing ensures that the insulation remains intact and effective,protecting the service pipes and contents whether installed above or below ground.


Pre-insulated Pipes provides safe,cost effective energy conscious and fuel efficient solutions in a wide range of industrial,commercial and domestic applications:

  • District cooling
  • Underground cooling and HWS mains
  • Corrosive chemical pipes
  • Aboveground cooling and HWS mains
  • Geo-thermal water pipes
  • Process fluid pipes
  • Secondary refrigerant pipes
  • Temperature sensitive product lines
  • Chilled water mains

The Pre-insulated Pipe range comprises an extensive range of standard pre-insulated pipes and fittings in various service pipe materials.In addition,components and assemblies can be prefabricated and pre-insulated as required.

Benefits & Features:

  • A high integrity and durable finished product
  • Excellent thermal characteristics
  • Comprehensive range of pipes,fittings and equipment
  • Range of service pipe material options
  • Quick and easy to install maximizing on-site efficiency
  • Permanently sealed against ingress of external fluids
  • Can be prefabricated to specific site requirements
  • Ideal for below and above ground use