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Rockwool Insulation

ockwoolRockwool products are produced from natural volcanic rocks, which are melted in special Furnas at a temperature of more than 1500O, and are then spun to fine fibers characterized by their flexibility and high temperature resistances. Rockwool is highly efficient insulation and used in most of the known application requiring thermal, acoustic or fire insulation, thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, very high melting temperatures and its open cell structure.

Characteristics of Rockwool

• Sound absorption • Fire Resistant • Low Thermal conductivity • Excellent Sound Insulation • None Combustible (none organic)
• Non absorption of water/ moisture • Corrosion Resistant • No ageing effect • No health hazard • Environment friendly • Light weight

Rockwool Products
• HD Boards • Acoustic Panel • Fire Board • Cavity Panel • Duct Board • HD Roof Slab • Pipe Insulation • HD Blanket
• LD Blanket • Duct Wrap • Quilted Blanket • Wired Blanket • Acoustic Ceiling Tile • Loose Wool

Fiber Glass Insulation

fibreAn affordable, energy-saving product, Fiber glass insulation has made the industry more profitable by cutting down energy losses and saving on production costs. Moreover, it’s friendly to the environment as well, by helping to reduce pollution emissions. Whether at home, office or factories. Fiber glass insulation plays a pivotal role in reducing energy costs.


Rubber Insulation

Metalix also supplies a wide range of Rubber Insulation products. The application areas cover plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration. They come in varied forms like boards, rolls & pipe section, plain, with self adhesive backing, laminated with aluminum foil, etc.