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Cast Iron Manhole Covers

  Sizes  Approx. wt.
  30x30 CM  7 KG. S/S "C"
  30x30 CM  11 KG. S/S "C"
  30x30 CM  20 KG. D/S "B"
  30x30 CM  28 KG. D/S "A"

Stretch Film Clear 150CMX1 8KG

Stretch film can be used to wrap and secure your products to protect them during storage or transit. When wrapped around pallets, hand and machine stretch film keeps the load stable and secure, and protects from dust, dirt and slippage.


Woodfree Paper

GSM - 80 Size - 70x100 cms

Wood-free paper is paper created exclusively from chemical pulp rather than mechanical pulp. Chemical pulp is normally made from pulpwood, but is not considered wood as most of the lignin is removed and separated from the cellulose fibers during processing, whereas mechanical pulp retains most of its wood components and can therefore still be described as wood.


Folding Box Board

300 GSM - Size - 70x100 cms

This paperboard is characterized by air between the fibers that gives it a high thickness and makes it light for what concerns grammage without changing its stiffness and strength.